Yooch the Heech (tvxqsocks) wrote in interrobangfics,
Yooch the Heech

MBLAQ 30 drabbles challenge.

I think I'm gonna go ahead and give this a shot. Because I can. :D So, this is my archive post. :DDD

1. Red; AC*
2. Argument; Joon/Seungho
3. Dilemma; AC*
4. Friendship overcame love; Cheondoong/Joon
5. Smile; AC*
6. Gift; Joon/Mir
7. Rain; G.O/Joon
8. Watching you sleep; AC*
9. Rehearsal; Mir/Seungho
10. Cold; G.O/Mir
11. Prank; Mir/Seungho
12. Song; G.O/Seungho
13. Smell; Joon/Mir
14. No more alcohol; Cheondoong/G.O
15. # times, one time; AC*
16. I'm better than you; Cheondoong/Mir
17. Lips; Joon/Seungho
18. Sun; Cheondoong/Seungho
19. Makeup; G.O/ Seungho
20. Live on stage; G.O/Joon
21. Flower; Cheondoong/Joon
22. Clean; AC*
23. Colourful; Cheondoong/Mir
24. Bad boy; G.O/Mir
25. Stupid; Cheondoong/Seungho
26. Dead; AC*
27. You suck at being romantic; AC*
28. Food; AC*
29. Girlgroups; AC*
30. Forever; AC*

* Author's choice

You'll be seeing these pop up every once in a while. I'm trying to get out of my writer's block funk, and I'm kinda sorta hoping this will help.
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