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Forever: Chapter One

Title: Forever
Authors: aidenrose and tvxqsocks
Part: Chapter One: Wish Carefully
Genre: Angst, Romance
Pairing: The Devil/Yesung
Rating: PG-13 (character death, sensuality, blasphemy)
Word Count: 1,030
Synopsis: Through unexpected tragedy, Yesung lets the Devil into his life. Once into his life, the Devil plays with Yesung's emotions and firmest beliefs in order to wrangle one thing from him - his soul. But could the unthinkable possibility of love stop them from bartering for it?
Next Update: Sunday, September 20th.

The idea for this fic came from our crack fic The Chronicles of Jaechul. However, this is a completely serious fic - it is not crack. Through joking about this pairing there, we both genuinely came to love it, so we decided to try to write a serious fic for it. We hope that you will not be offended by this. Odd as it may be, we think that this is a really beautiful pairing. We're trying our best to not make this cheesy...belieeeeeeve in us!

To our beloved DeSung fans from TCOJ...PLEASE ENJOY!!! ♥

Wish Carefully

Yesung trailed off on the final note and their performance ended; the audience cheered deafeningly for them, shouting KRY and their names, screaming, clapping. Yesung closed his eyes, absorbing that energy, the fanatical love coming from the stands. He bowed when he needed to, and left when he had to. Kyuhyun was the last name he heard called at them before he disappeared into the relative quiet of backstage.

He looked back at the exit from the stage. Kyuhyun was lingering there, waving one too many times at the fans. They loved him, and he knew it.

"Kyuhyun," he said, grabbing his attention. Kyuhyun looked at him and smiled triumphantly, walking down the stairs and falling into line with them. Yesung grabbed a bottle of water off of a table and his bag and walked into a dressing room. He shut the door and leaned against it, looking across the room at his reflection.

They were screaming for you. They were cheering for you. It's not just for him. He stripped his clothes off and threw them across a chair. He dressed into normal, comfortable clothes and hung his stage clothes up, thinking the entire time about the night's performance. They loved it. They loved you.

Kyuhyun...Ryeowook. He took the clothing outside and handed it to a staff member. The time spent there as everyone got their things together so that they could leave went by like a movie in fast forward. Before he knew it, they were filing out of the building and towards the vans that would carry them back to the dorms. Yesung.

Yesung sat down in one of the vans and put his head phones on, staring moodily at the van in front of him as Kyuhyun got into it. Kyuhyun who absorbed all the attention, who thought so highly of himself, who flaunted his popularity. It made him burn with jealousy and anger, sometimes. He knew that they would broadcast Kyuhyun much more than him from tonight's performance. Because who wouldn't love Prince Kyuhyun, with his charming young manner and smooth vocals? I wish he'd just die.

He looked away and turned up the volume on his iPod. The van rolled into motion and he settled down into his seat, staring out of the window and listening to music louder than he probably should be. The members around him started talking about the performance; how great it was, how alive they felt. No one bothered him, no one asked him what he thought or went out of their way - even in the slightest bit - to try to include him. They just don't care.

There wasn't any point to him speaking up and trying to join in on the laughter and conversation. He would go unheard, and eventually come out even more hurt when no one noticed he was speaking. So he wouldn't expose himself like that; he would just sit quietly and wait to reach home. Back to the quiet of his room and sleep, to prepare for another day of anonymity inside a famous group. It's because of people like him...that I get passed over.

He didn't have a trait that made him stand out like the others did. He was subtle, but they needed him. He just wished that they took care of him a little more. He didn't feel like a part of the team like this, but there wasn't anything he could do. They had to change. The most that he could do was to do the best that he could for E.L.F.

He turned up the volume on his iPod even further as the van sped up towards the highway. He watched the van they were following curve up the onramp, the van containing Kyuhyun. Always first to go, he thought bitterly, looking down at his iPod and discontentedly changing the song. What he listened to didn't matter. He didn't want to hear anything in particular, he just wanted to hear the others' laughter less.

He didn't know what it was - some movement that caught at his peripheral vision, but he looked up again, just in time to see something he couldn't believe he was seeing at first. The van ahead of them was merging towards another car. They were going to hit each other. His heart stopped, and their driver braked hard and swerved to the side. They hit. Above the noise of his headphones and the car, he heard it - the thud of metal hitting metal and the screech of tires.

Yesung watched in transfixed horror as the van's front crunched against the guardrail and the two vehicles came to a halt. Traffic itself had stopped, with the cars nearest to them moving slowly away to give them a wide berth. Without him noticing, their driver had pulled over and had begun to call emergency services. Next to him, Eeteuk flung open the door and ran towards them. The other members followed him out as Yesung sat in a daze. What just happened?

His eyes wandered over the accident, the wreckage. The car they'd collided with, the van containing his friends, the lights, the broken glass and bits of metal and plastic strewn across the highway. His heart started to pound and his eyes fell on the van again. The car had hit its side and caused the door of the van to implode.


He released his seatbelt and tore his headphones off. He reached the other van just in time to hear a heart-stopping scream from Ryeowook. Yesung's pace slowed and he moved past members who were trying to help people in the van or crying in shock on the side to look into the van.

Ryeowook was hunched over someone beside the door that had been knocked in, sobbing and saying a name that sent shivers of horror and disbelief up Yesung's spine. Kyuhyun. His visual world collapsed as if forced through a tunnel. All he could see was Ryeowook, crying over Kyuhyun's body, and it made him feel sicker than anything he could have imagined but sixty seconds ago.

He's dead. He must be dead.

Oh, God, no.


[Next Part] Chapter Two: Whiter Than Snow
Tags: Length: multiple chapter‽, genre: angst is angsty‽, genre: romance is romantic‽, omg pairing‽: Devil/Yesung, what's a rating‽: PG-13
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